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The dynamic of prayer answering
Temps de prière et d'évangélisation
Publication date 14/01/2020

Today Sunday, January 12, 2020, the Catholic Apostolate of Evangelization Sacerdoce Royal welcomed the beloved people of GOD to the Sphere of Blessing for their weekly prayer time called "REVELATION".

On this Sunday, the theme of this time of prayer entitled " what shall i return to the Lord for all  his Goodness to me  " Psalm 116,12, is opened by the Shepherd Pierre  Antoine Marie.

After an exhortation given by the Shepherd Paul Elie  on the importance of faith in Jesus Christ for the Christian, the Shepherdess Marie de l’Eucharistie  intervened to teach the people of God.

In her teaching, she made it known that the dynamics of answering is important for the Christian. Joshua knew failure before he knew success. This means that success is the result of a process.

Building on the passage from Joshua 1:1-9, the speaker highlighted three fundamental steps in this process.


The first is the step of Joshua as a faithful soldier who was committed to carrying out Moses' instructions. We are like Joshua, authentic soldiers because we live in times of youth, we do the exercises that the Moderator gives us. We are, so to speak, under the dome of the Moderator, just as Joshua expected the solution to come from the man of God. But we have to pass the Jordan, that is to say, we have to go to another stage, that of responsibility and personal construction. This is the step to become a leader, to make a crossing by letting go of our fears. 

The second stage is that of movement. It is in fact about moving from the status of the assisted to that of a leader, from the status of a soldier to that of a general. It is an inner transition that requires a state of mind that goes beyond emotions. It requires maturity. Courage and strength are necessary because they allow us to go beyond emotions, to transcend the difficulties of our daily realities.



The third concerns the weapons to be developed in order to stand firmly and courageously in the face of the adversities that prevent or slow down the crossing of the Jordan River.

The two weapons or attitudes that the Lord recommends to us are taken from Ephesians 6:16-17, namely the mentality of salvation and the sword of the Spirit. The salvation mentality is the mentality of the redeemed, the mentality of a person for whom Jesus gave his life and tore up the act of condemnation by his blood shed on the Cross. It is, therefore, the mentality of a person of faith and trust in the promise of God whatever the situation experienced.   As for the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God, it keeps us on course by making us look to God and the Truth of his promises.


Appointment is taken for Sunday, January 19, 2020 at the same place  and at the same time.


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